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Welcome to our page!  Thank you for your interest in stitching for one of our children.  Please feel free to browse this page to find more information about the 2012 Children.  The children in our Sign Up Children 2012 section are the children currently accepting stitchers.  Click on their name and follow the instructions from their page.  

The quilt deadline listed is when the squares need to be to received by Love Quilts.  You will find the due date for the square you signed up for on the child's webpage.  Please make a careful note of this due date.  Please allow time for mailing the square so it arrives on time.  We are thankful for all squares we receive. Any squares received after the due date will be used on a future child's quilt.

Thank you so much for stitching for Love Quilts!  Please email me if you have any questions.  

Cathy ~ Love Quilts - www.lovequilts.org

The children below in the "Our Sign Up Children" section are accepting new stitchers.  Click on the a child's name for further information on the child or to sign up to stitch for that child. Remember to look at the finished quilts too!  

We are always accepting stitchers for "any child" and the special quilts listed below.
Our Sign Up Children

Kelly B
THEME: Horses, Foals, Ponies (Realistic)
DUE: 1/15
Melissa B
THEME: Puppies & Kittens (Realistic)
DUE: 1/15
Laura B
DUE: 1/15
Click on a child's name below to view their page and their sign up information.


Our "Special Quilts" Children
Completed Quilts!!

 Charlotte's Kids Sign Up Themes!

Meet Charlotte


Wild animals 
typical of Africa, South America and Southern Asia- BOY THEME.   Most of these will be jungle animals, but there are also the herd animals of the great African plains and deserts.  Think monkeys and apes... the big cats...elephants and giraffes and the bright tropical birds.... or even the reptiles like the crocodile. We are excluding the Australian animals (those can be a quilt all on their own!) the North American animals and European and northern Asian animals as well as the Arctic and Antarctic animals.
Due September 1, 2012
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Cartoons from kid's movies.  for a boy or a girl - Disney, Pixar, Dreamworks.

Cars, All the Disney princesses, Pooh, Alice and Wonderland
Aristocats, Lady and the Tramp, Bambi, Dumbo, Lilo and Stitch
Pinochio, Monsters Inc,Tarzan, The Jungle Book,Lion King
101 Dalmations, Finding Nemo, Hercules, Peter Pan, Toy Story, Shrek
All the classic Disney characters of Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Pluto
Please no Pokemon, Spongebob, Simpsons..... 
Due September 1, 2012
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 Precious Moments
Due December 1, 2012
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Race Cars
Due December 1, 2012
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Matthew F
THEME: fish and fishing w/ Minnesota great outdoors..
DUE: 2/1
Nathan C
THEME: beach and sealife squares with a preference for the deep or bright colors...
DUE: 2/1
Our Sign Up Children
Closed Quilts 2012!

Genesis F.
THEME: Family Pets
Due: 3/1
Thomas A.
THEME: Under the Sea
Due: 3/1
Taylor J.
THEME: Sun, Moon, Stars and Rainbows and Clouds.... Pink
Due: 4/1
Maddie M.
THEME: Dance- - fav colors pink and purple
Due: 4/1
Olivia S.
THEME: Flowers 
Due: 5/1
Michael L.
THEME: MODERN ranch.  No cowboy and Indian type patterns---  In their place we really need some trucks and tractors.  Cowboys still work fine and horses and cows and sheep and barns. Scenery appropriate to a ranch setting appropriate to Utah would be good.  Canyons, mountains, canyon lands type rock formations .... all possible.
Due: 5/1
^i^ Ila R. 
THEME: Butterflies
Due: 5/1
Caitlyn Z.
THEME: Hearts, Flowers, The word "LOVE" (purple on square somewhere)
Due: 7/1
Emma B
THEME: Sea Babies
Ashley G. ^i^ THEME:Teen, Blue
Delilah J.
THEME:Tinkerbell, Pink
Spencer N.
THEME: Seasame Street
Due: 7/1
Thomas L.
THEME: Frogs 
Due: 7/1
Christopher W.
THEME: Military 
Due: 6/1
Madison R.
Sydney R.
Christopher P.
THEME:Cherished Teddies for boys
Mariah W.
THEME:Teen pink quilt
Jessi G.
THEME:Flower fairies
Jacob W.
Sophia M.
Samantha P.
THEME:Purple Inspirational
Cristobal S.
THEME: Space, astronauts, space shuttle, no aliens 
Due: 8/1
Jeremy H.
THEME: Dogs (realistic) - especially Golden Retrievers 
Due: 8/1
Noah S.
Due: 9/1
Anna P.
THEME:  flowers and bugs (emphasizing on ladybugs)
Due: 9/1
Hailey G.
THEME:Character Animal
Keegan K.
THEME:Engines - esp cars and trucks and heavy equipment -
Ava C.
Brody S.
Emma R.
Lauren S.
THEME:ballet - pink and purple
Margaret R
THEME: Sweets
Shelby H

Aleria B.
THEME:  Angels - fav color purple
Due: 10/1

Luke T.
THEME:  Farm/farm animals/tractors
Due: 10/1
Charlie F
THEME: basketball and other sports - likes red 
DUE: 10/15
Austin S
THEME: Religious/music (catholic) - fav color yellow
DUE: 10/15
Alyssa W.
THEME:Heats - Purple for Epilepsy
Jesse G.
THEME:Winnie the Pooh
Justus B.
THEME:Pooh and friends
Benji D.
Kaleb L.
Hailey R
THEME: Princess
Nicholas D
THEME: Sports
Kennedy S.
THEME: Precious Moments
Charlie A.
THEME: Harry Potter
Shay L.
THEME:Girls Being Girls
Jake W.
Ryan K. ^i^
THEME: Sports
Kaleb S.
Maricella L.
THEME: Precious Moments 
Matty H.
THEME: Teddy Bears
Jordan K.
THEME: Cars - blues and greens
Aiyanna R.
THEME: Friendship 
Morgan W.
THEME: Religious
Christopher W.
THEME: vintage transportation
Taryn F.
THEME: Flowers